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Mission Statement

Perkins Voice and Vision India builds leadership and expertise among educators, caregivers and families so that children with vision impairment and multiple disabilities, including deafblindness, receive appropriate and effective services.

It aims to increase educational opportunities for children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities, including deafblindness, by creating and utilizing a cadre of highly skilled professionals, teachers, families and caregivers of children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities.

Perkins Voice and Vision India conducts need based training programs, develops and disseminates information and materials on the education of children with VIMD. Its focus is to build leadership and expertise among professionals so that children with VIMD get appropriate and effective services. To achieve its objective, Perkins Voice and Vision India works in partnership with government agencies and NGO’s to reach the maximum number of children across India.

As a Resource Center, Perkins Voice and Vision is well equipped with information and materials on multiple disabilities, including the development of low-tech and low-cost indigenous training materials.

Perkins Voice and Vision India is proud to have trained 42 Master Teachers and approximately 650 teachers through various training programs thus leading to improved services for over a thousand children with VIMD in both rural and urban areas of the country. We continue to strive and are focused and committed to enhancing the rights and living standards of children through improved learning programs and partnerships with Government bodies and NGOs.

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