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Creating Learning Opportunities

A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Students with Vision Impairment and Additional Disabilities,
Including Deaf blindness

This guide provides information on

  • Understanding Vision Impairment and Additional Disabilities (VIAD)
  • Assessment of Sensory Impairments, Communication
  • Early Intervention, Working with Families
  • Curriculum Development, IEPs, Training Strategies, and Resources, Program Development & Management
  • Additional related information on Epilepsy, Nutrition, Law and more..

Written by experts in the field of vision impairment and additional disabilities in India, this book is based in the Indian context with photographs, illustrations and case studies.  This practical guide is a resource not only for India, but all developing countries.

The book is user-friendly and straightforward, supported by case illustrations.  A blend of individual styles of writing and expertise of the authors will sustain your interest in this resource manual.

To make it affordable, the low price of Rs. 450 just recovers paper and printing costs.

It is hoped that guide book extends the reach of its users to improve the quality of lives of persons with VIMD.


To Buy, Contact:


Perkins Voice and Vision
National Resource and Training Center of Children with
Vision Impairment and Additional Disabilities,
Including Deaf blindness
(Supported by Hilton/Perkins Program of Perkins School for the Blind, USA)

Address :
National Association for the Blind, India
Rustom Alpaiwalla Complex,
124-127 Cotton Depot, Cotton Green,
Reay Road Station East, Mumbai 400 433
Ph: 022 0372 6748
E mail:


Information booklet Click here to download Starting services for Children who have Vision Impairment with Additional Disabilities, including Deafblindness’. This booklet published by Perkins Voice and Vision India is a compilation of the essential information required by an organization for starting services for Children with VIMD. It is available in English and Hindi.

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Perkins Voice And Vision India
National Association for the Blind ,India
Rustom Alpaiwalla Complex
124-127 Cotton Depot, Cotton Green,
Near Reay Road Railway Station East, Mumbai 400033
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