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Welcome to Perkins Voice and Vision India - National Resource and Training Centre for Children with Vision Impairment and Multiple Disabilities, including Deafblindness.

Perkins International of Perkins School for the Blind, USA helped set up Perkins Voice and Vision India in 2002 to build a pool of professionals to work with children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities including deafblindness across India.

“Perkins Voice and Vision India is the implementing arm of Perkins International, U.S.A for the activities of Perkins International in India”.

Perkins Voice and Vision India works in partnership with government agencies and NGOs to train Master teachers, teachers, CBR workers, aanganwadi workers, supervisors and families of children with VIMD in all regions and states of India. We also train and support professionals from other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The activities of Perkins Voice and Vision India are supported by the international program of Perkins International, Perkins School for the Blind, USA.


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'Creating Learning Opportunities' A Step by Step Guide to Teaching Students with Vision Impairment and Additional disabilities,including Deafblindness.

It is the first book on VIMD written by Indian experts, widely used by teachers,organizations and universities in India and Asia.


A multimedia kit for families of children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities including deafblindness developed by Perkins Voice and Vision India in partnership with The National Trust, Government of India, MSJE and CEMCA. It’s available in English and Hindi.

Latest News
                      "The Transition Asia Website, is ready to view at
This site was created at the recommendation of a Strategic Planning meeting on Transition in the Asia Region, sponsored by Perkins International "
We invite you to share your ideas, including functional activities, case studies, and resources. Please contact us, if you have questions:

  the site is designed to be a resource for those in the field, including teachers, rehabilitation workers, parents, and youth. Through the website, we would like to create a forum for discussion and a space to share questions, concerns and lessons learned in facilitating successful transition outcomes for students with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI). You will find planning tools, examples of transition programs, and case studies from around the Asia Region, all designed to give you ideas and help youth with MDVI to lead the most independent and meaningful lives possible. Some of the case studies include questions for others in the field, and it is our hope that this will be an interactive site."


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